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Características principais

Título do livro
Cake Boss - Stories and Recipes from mia famiglia
Buddy Valastro
Editora do livro
Free Press
Edição do livro
Capa do livro
Com índice
Ano de publicação

Outras características

  • Quantidade de páginas: 260

  • Altura: 21.5 cm

  • Largura: 19 cm

  • Peso: 688 g

  • Material da capa do livro: Papel - Capa dura com sobrecapa

  • Gênero do livro: CONFEITARIA,Gastronomia

  • Subgêneros do livro: Gastronomia

  • Tipo de narração: Gastronomia

  • ISBN: 9781439183519



Autor: Buddy Valastro
Editora: Free Press
ISBN - 13: 9781439183519
Edição: 1ª
Ano: 2010
Idioma: Inglês
Acabamento: Encadernado c/ Sobrecapa
Formato: 19,00 x 21,50 cm
Nº de Páginas: 260

SINOPSE - Best known on TLC cable as the Cake Boss, Valastro shares recipes and a sometimes treacly tale of family, tradition, and ambition. A fourth-generation baker born in Hoboken, N.J., Buddy honors his Sicilian father, who taught him his craft, while marking his own rise from apprentice to master baker. His is the American dream told in flashbacks; like his show, the book plays on charm and the idea that to know Buddy is to like his work. Still, the book offers hard-won baking know-how. It conveys the dramatic sweep of Buddy´s accomplishments as bolstered by his traditional values and family. For drama, it depicts, as mini-crises, the elaborate challenges and difficult designs that proliferate as Buddy´s clientele expands to include Modern Bride and Britney Spears. However, despite great technical descriptions, including his bakery´s cannoli recipe and photos of his spectacular cakes, Buddy´s tale of immigrant success proves too familiar.